Theory Calls His Shot With Money In The Bank

Theory Money In The Bank

Mr. Money In The Bank Theory has revealed when he plans to cash in his contract and challenge for the Unified WWE Universal Championship.

Money In The Bank was a mixed night for Vince McMahon’s pet project, Theory. Early in the night, the upstart star was forced to tap out in The Hurt Lock to Bobby Lashley, losing his WWE United States Championship to The All Mighty one in the process.

With the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match about to begin in the main event of the evening, WWE official Adam Pearce announced that he was adding to the match, and named Theory as the eighth combatant.

Despite the odds and having already competed on the night, Theory managed to find the opportunity to scale the ladder and claim the briefcase, and the all-important title shot that goes with it.

Throughout the ladder match, the commentary team kept alluding to the fact that the perfect time for someone to cash in could come at SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar is scheduled to challenge Roman Reigns for the Unified WWE Universal Championship at the event in a Last Man Standing match. The nature of such a bout means that whoever wins is surely going to be beaten and possibly broken as well, perfect prey for a Money In The Bank contract holder.

On Raw, as he addressed Bobby Lashley, Theory seemed to agree with that assessment and says he has his sights set on Reigns and Lesnar at WWE’s Biggest Party of the Summer and intends to cash in then.