The Young Bucks Unveil Hilarious Non-PG T-Shirt During Recent BTE

The Young Bucks Unveil Hilarious Phallic T-Shirt During Recent BTE

During a recent episode of Being The Elite, Matt Jackson unveiled an amusing t-shirt design featuring what can only be described as phallic imagery.

The recent episode was released on the BTE YouTube channel on July 10th, providing fans with a glimpse behind the scenes of AEW programming.

The latest episode, titled “Hung Bucks,” features the antics of the Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page, who have been paired together. Matt Jackson, one-half of the Young Bucks, has come up with an idea on how to market the trio as a brand.

He revealed the risqué t-shirt design which he proclaimed would be the best-selling shirt in AEW. However, Hangman wasn’t thrilled about the proposal, insisting that instead of becoming a best-seller the shirt would enrage the network executives. The name “Hung Bucks” is a nod to the new tag team pairing, and it seems that the trio is quickly becoming a fan favourite.

What Else Did The Young Bucks Get Up To On BTE?

The episode started with the Bucks in an airport waiting on a flight while they enjoyed the massage chairs. The pairs flight was then delayed till the following morning. The episode then followed the Young Bucks as they made their flight and landed with just a few hours to spare before AEW Dynamite was due to start.

The Elite are set to continue their war with the Blackpool Combat Club alongside a mystery partner at Blood and Guts on July 19th.