The Young Bucks Sent Out Feelers About Going To WWE

The Young Bucks Matt Jackson Nick Jackson

A report has stated that The Young Bucks have reached out to a WWE talent about interest in speaking to the company when their AEW deals are up.

The Young Bucks were an integral part of the founding of AEW when it came to be in early 2019. The popularity of the team along with Cody Rhodes helped them put on the All In show in September 2018 and that eventually led to teaming up with Tony Khan to form All Elite Wrestling.

But as has been seen with Rhodes, the wrestling business is still a business and sentiment can be overlooked as he returned to WWE early in 2022, marking his return to the company after a fruitful six years away.

The Wrestling Observer‘s Ryan Frederick stated on the F4W Board that The Young Bucks could potentially be looking to follow Rhodes’ lead when their own AEW deals are up:

“They didn’t sign new deals. Their options were picked up. They did reach out to a talent to send feelers that they would be interested in talking about coming in when their deals are up. But, everyone on both sides are going to do the same because you want to look for the best deal. Anyone who doesn’t do so is dumb and possibly leaving money on the table.”

Later in the thread, Fredericks added that he can’t say that The Young Bucks spoke to anyone from WWE officially as this came at a time when contract tampering was a hot topic between both companies:

“[…] They reached out to a talent to send feelers about coming it. I can’t say they talked to anyone direct at WWE, but that would fall under tampering and this came at the same time the legal letters were being sent about tampering. Can’t confirm they actually talked to WWE people themselves, but they talked to other WWE talent about coming in, which they can do (much like WWE talent can send feelers thru AEW talent, which has happened and happens on both sides often).”

“It’s not something they wouldn’t have done anyways since their deals are coming up at the end of 2024, and you want to maximize your leverage when it comes to getting a new deal and get the companies into a bidding war. It’s not necessarily a sign that they’re going to leave. Everyone should do it.”

The Young Bucks are currently suspended in AEW after being part of a brawl involving CM Punk in the aftermath of the All Out pay-per-view.