The Young Bucks Respond To CM Punk’s Comments During AEW Collision

The Young Bucks Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson making their entrance AEW Rampage 2022

On the debut episode of AEW Collision, CM Punk made his long-awaited return to the promotion after a nine-month absence due to injury/suspension.

The injury occurred in Punk’s last match against Jon Moxley at All Out 2022, and it was what happened after the event that led to his suspension.

During the All Out Media Scrum Punk made derogatory comments about the Bucks, their status as EVPs and their lack of management skills. The brothers alongside Kenny Omega allegedly confronted Punk in his locker room where a brawl supposedly broke out.

Following the incident Punk, the Bucks and Omega were suspended and stripped of their titles. The Elite returned two months later, while Punk made his sensational comeback on the premier edition of Collision.

Punk opened the show to a tremendous ovation from the Chicago crowd before taking the microphone and taking several shots at the Elite. During the promo, he stated he was back to tell the truth and the truth hurts. He went on the call the members of the Elite “counterfeit bucks” and “soft”.

The Young Bucks Have Responded To CM Punk’s AEW Collision Comments

Following the no-so-subtle references Punk made during his opening segment promo, the brothers Jackson have returned the favour.

Taking to social media the former World Tag Team and World Trios Champions updated their bio firing back at Punk in a tongue-in-cheek way.

“If it were 2018, we’d already have a “Counterfeit Bucks” shirt available on PWT. — Kill it y’all!”

The Young Bucks Respond To CM Punk's Comments During AEW Collision

One of the duo’s biggest successes outside of the ring was their innovative foray into the wrestling t-shirt market. Using Pro Wrestling Tees they were able to create relevant and up-to-date t-shirts quickly.

They famously turned WWE’s cease and desist letter into a t-shirt in 2017. WWE sent the brothers a letter to stop them and the other members of the Bullet Club from using the nWo hand gesture and “Too Sweet” catchphrase.