The Young Bucks Address Their Absence From AEW

The Young Bucks

At Full Gear 2022, The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega made their much anticipated return to All Elite Wrestling. They would compete in a losing effort against Death Triangle on the show, in what was the pair’s first match since their suspension following the events of All Out 2022.

Though many details have still not been made public, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, CM Punk and a number of other AEW talent were suspended for a backstage altercation after a controversial media scrum. The Young Bucks had not been heard from since that event, until a vignette played on the October 26th Dynamite hyping up their return alongside Kenny Omega. A couple of weeks later, The Elite vs. Death Triangle was made official for Full Gear.

Today, The Young Bucks have spoken for the first time about their AEW suspension.

The Young Bucks Speak On Their Absence

In the comeback episode of Being the Elite – titled “Carry On” – The Young Bucks opened up about how they have been feeling for the last couple of months.

Matt Jackson: “We’ve technically been backstage for a few weeks, but now we’ve been on screen, we’ve wrestled, we’ve done it and we’re back. And now Being The Elite is back, everything has snapped back to reality.”

Nick Jackson: “It didn’t feel like we were officially back though until last night [at Full Gear]. We were around for weeks, but it didn’t feel like it. There was something missing I think, and I think that ‘something missing’ was us performing live. So we did that. We scratched that itch and we’re back. I’ve had anxiety. I’ve been anxious. I didn’t know if I could still perform at a high level.”

Matt Jackson: “I was actually waking up in cold sweats. I haven’t been sleeping. People, they don’t understand because we haven’t been able to really talk about it but this has been…”

Nick Jackson: “It’s been stressful.”

Matt Jackson: “This has been two of the hardest months of my life… You just never know what’s going to happen until you do it, and just to hear the support last night, and to hear how happy a lot of people were to see us, that really meant the world to us and Kenny. It felt good, and we’re going through the healing process right now, but I think last night was a big step for us to get there, and I feel good.”

The Young Bucks are due to continue their feud with Death Triangle in a “Best of Seven” Series over the coming months.