The Undertaker’s Role In Former WWE Star’s Proposal Revealed

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is associated more with funerals than weddings, but he did have a small part to play in one proposal.

NWA star Matt Cardona – known as Zack Ryder during his time in WWE – was recently interviewed by Dominic DeAngelo for AdFreeShows. On the show, he revealed that ahead of proposing to Chelsea Green before WrestleMania 35, he hid the ring in the last place she would look, a casket that came with an Undertaker action figure.

“When I proposed to Chelsea Green before WrestleMania 35, I had to bring the ring with me. I knew, not that she was gonna look through my bags, but you never know.

“Maybe she’s looking for her toothbrush, there’s the ring. If I hide in the hotel room, maybe she’s looking. You never know.

“So I brought my Bone Crunching Action Undertaker casket, and I hid the ring in there because I thought there’s no f***way she’s gonna look in the casket.”

Cardona recalled that The Miz forced him to tell The Undertaker about the move, but he isn’t sure if The Deadman popped for it or thought he “was f***ing nuts.”

“There’s no f***ing way. She’s gonna go, ‘Oh, it’s one of Matt’s f***ing toys.’ She’s not gonna open the casket. It’s not like she’s looking for the f***ing tombstone shovel accessory.

“So I think The Miz forced me to tell Undertaker that. I think he popped for it, or he thought he I was f***ing nuts, one or the other.”

Regardless of The Phenom’s reaction, Cardona went on to have a memorable weekend as he not only got engaged to Chelsea Green, but he and Curt Hawkins captured the Raw Tag Team Championships from The Revival – better known today as AEW’s FTR.

The Undertaker recently revealed what stops him from wrestling again

The Undertaker retired from the ring after defeating AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, bringing his legendary three-decade career to an end.

During a recent appearance on the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast, he opened up on why he decided to hang up his boots, explaining that he knows he can’t perform to the level people would expect from him.

“If I felt like I could go and deliver, and deliver a performance that people expect when they see my name on the card, I would do it, but I know I can’t.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the above transcription.