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The Undertaker Recalls Legendary Vince McMahon Rib Involving Entire Roster

The Undertaker

The Undertaker recalled a time Vince McMahon and the entire WWE roster had a laugh at his expense as they played an elaborate rib!

Ahead of his induction into the Class of 2022 Hall of Fame Induction, the Undertaker spoke to Dallas Morning News about a time that Vince McMahon played a prank on him and involved the entire WWE roster.

“We were in San Antonio Texas, it was going to be Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night. I live right up the road, they call me. ‘Hey, do you want to be part of Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night?’ I was like, ‘well, of course, I want to be part of it.’ They were like, ‘well, we want it to be a surprise, so when you get here we are going to put you in a bus, and you’ll stay in there until it’s time to come out, we don’t want Shawn to see you.’ ‘Okay, I’m good.’”

The Undertaker continued, recalling that he spent hours on a tour bus to avoid detection only to become enraged when he was told he was needed at rehearsal for the night ahead of what he thought was supposed to be a surprise appearance.

“So I get there and there’s somebody there to greet me, and I go on the tour bus, and I’m sitting on the tour bus and I am there maybe two or three hours. Finally, Michael Hayes comes out to the bus, he goes, ‘hey, Vince wants to rehearse.’ I go, ‘wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be a surprise.’

“So I blow a gasket, ‘I’ve been in this bus for hours now, what’s the point?’ So I am all pissed off, I said, ‘no, I’m not coming out until later, you go tell Vince I am staying on the bus.’ So he leaves, comes back and he said, ‘Vince wants to rehearse.’ So I storm off the bus, I am storming through the arena.”

As soon as he saw his fellow WWE Superstars sitting in the arena bleachers, he knew he’d been the victim of a rib at the hands of the WWE Chairman.

“I go through the stage where we come out on Raw or whatever, and as soon as I walk out on the stage, all of the talents are all sitting up in the bleachers. This never happens, everybody is always off kind of doing their own thing. Everybody’s sitting in the bleachers, no one is ringside other than Vince. I walk out onto the stage, and at that moment, I knew I had been got.”

The Undertaker went on to describe a video package that showed his legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak moving into footage of him getting stuck in his entrance jacket on the 700th episode of Monday Night Raw.

“The lights in the arena go dark, this is early in the day, right? There’s no fans. The arena goes dark, the tron stars playing. Basically, you know the packages we play before a match, they give the history of whatever match is about to go on in the ring. It’s basically one of those. It’s like, The Undertaker and they go through my streak, he couldn’t be beaten.

“‘But this year’s WrestleMania, it’s The Undertaker vs. The Coat.’ The whole time I was trying to get out of the coat, they had another handheld filming me trying to get out of the coat. They’re playing that video on the tron, all the talent is out there laughing, having a great time. Vince is so proud of himself that he got me to drive from Austin to San Antonio just so that he could rib me.”

Not one to take a rib lying down, The Undertaker chased Vince McMahon through the arena as the WWE Chairman laughed about the rib he’d just pulled off.

“In true Undertaker and Vince form, I take off after him. So here’s this 70-year-old billionaire, running through the arena, laughing uncontrollably. I am trying to catch up to him. So, he would do things like that. I can only imagine what his mind is doing right now. I am going to walk out that night looking over my shoulder. Looking for anything he could do to me to play some kind of practical joke on me. I don’t put it past him one bit.”

Vince McMahon is set to personally induct the Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2022.

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