The Undertaker Names The Greatest Storyline In WWE History

The Undertaker behind flames

The Undertaker remains one of the most iconic characters that the wrestling industry has ever seen. Not only was The Deadman involved in a number of jaw-dropping moments and big matches, he was also a central player in a number of famous storylines.

From his battles with Mick Foley, to rivalries with Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels, there is no shortage of feuds for fans to look back on fondly.

However, arguably his most famous storyline began in 1997 with the introduction of his brother Kane. The pair battled on and off for a number of years and many consider it to be one of the best stories in wrestling history.

The Undertaker Names Greatest Story Ever Told In Wrestling

Speaking with Pete Rosenberg on A&E, The Undertaker agreed that his feud with Kane remains the benchmark for WWE storytelling.

“I think Kane and I both will tell you that we feel like that story, the Kane and Undertaker story is probably the greatest story ever told in wrestling, it’s up there. There’s so many layers to it.”

The Phenom also commented on the four matches he had from WrestleMania 25 to WrestleMania 28, two against Shawn Michaels and then two against Triple H:

“To tie everything together, the two matches I had with Shawn and then the two matches I had with Triple H I think are probably some of the best work that I did in my career, um, and to be able to tell a story for over four years four WrestleMania’s in a row, because if you watch it you know one leads into you know, the first match leads into the retirement match and then you have the buddy trying to you know he’s going to take up for his friend and then you know Triple H leaves me.

I win the match but he leaves me laying like no one’s ever seen me not be able to get up which leads to Hell In The Cell end of an era.”

Another familiar opponent of The Undertaker was Mankind and recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross confirmed that he once pitched for Mankind and The Undertaker to fight at the iconic Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.

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