The Undertaker Shares His Favourite Hilarious Andre The Giant Story

The Undertaker Andre The Giant WWE

Few wrestlers have as many unbelievable stories about them as Andre The Giant.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s history has become something of urban legend, with anyone around Andre during that time having a crazy story to tell about the former World Champion.

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker Reminisces About Andre The Giant

The late wrestler and Hollywood star has allegedly tipped over a car with 4 people inside, nearly thrown Blackjack Mulligan over a hotel balcony and carried Arnold Schwarzenegger out of a restaurant for attempting to pay for a meal.

The first ever Hall of Famer would also be responsible for helping to elevate the company to new heights, facing off against Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania 3.

Multiple hilarious stories about The Eighth Wonder of the World would occur under the influence of alcohol. Andre the Giant was capable of consuming a large amount of alcohol, a fact recalled by fellow Hall of Famer The Undertaker.

Speaking on the Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast, Taker recounted the excessive food that Andre would eat, but it was the alcohol consumption that was more shocking:

“I mean, he ate. I mean, he ate a lot, but it wasn’t so much what he ate, it was more what he drank. I mean, he drank a lot, man. And, you know, the guys that hung out with him, his handler and everything like that, bless his heart, he was a little dude. And he had to sit and drink with Andre all night long.”

The Deadman continued, recounting a time where staff at a hotel had to improvise to hide the WWE legend:

“And the stories he had man, like, there’s one time Andre passed out. Andre passed out in the hotel lobby, and they couldn’t do anything with him. I mean, you can’t pick up, you know, seven foot two, he’s 500 pounds, asleep. That’s huge man. So they just brought out some linens and blankets and covered him up in the lobby until he decided to wake up.”

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