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The Undertaker Says He “Would Love To Work A Program With The Fiend”

The Undertaker makes his entrance against Bray Wyatt.

While appearing on the latest episode of The Bump, The Undertaker has revealed that he “would love to work a program with The Fiend.”

“The Deadman” famously faced Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31 in his first match since Brock Lesnar broke the streak, but a clash with The Fiend would be something else entirely. The Fiend character has given Bray Wyatt a new lease of life, so a potential clash with Taker would be huge.

During the interview, The Undertaker lists off all of the possible matches the two could potentially have. With more than a couple catching the eye.

“This iteration now, the possibilities are endless. He’s really taken his character to the next level. It’s original and so different from what everybody else does. It’s so thought provoking and it draws emotion from people. I would love to work a program with The Fiend. My goodness, there’s no telling what kind of matches we would come up, just due to the strength of his career and obviously The Undertaker character, it would have been something else. It might have been a Buried Alive, Swamp Match, Alcatraz, the possibilities would be limitless with those two characters,”

The Undertaker appeared to retire during the final episode of The Last Ride. However, wrestling retirements are notoriously flimsy with Rick Flair, and Taker’s old adversary Shawn Michaels both returning to action after calling it a day. Although he has recently spoken about wanting to pass his knowledge onto the next generation, seemingly confirming that his career was over in the process.

Taker is currently scheduled to appear at Survivor Series to bid a “Final Farewell” alongside the likes of Kane, Kurt Angle, Savio Vega and more. It remains to be seen what shape the “Final Farewell” could take, but could it include one last dance with The Fiend?

As the old wrestling adage goes, ‘never say never.’

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.