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The Undertaker Reveals Which Wrestler He Would Want To Be

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The Undertaker has revealed that if he could be any other character in wrestling history, then he would only want to be Ric Flair.

‘The Deadman’ and ‘The Nature Boy’ have a long and storied history. It was ‘Naitch’ who helped The Undertaker secure his first WWF Championship at Survivor Series 1991 when he slid a steel chair underneath Hulk Hogan as ‘Taker dropped him with a Tombstone.

Fast forward eleven years and the two men did battle in a bloody yet brilliant war at WrestleMania X8 after ‘Big Evil’ had brutalised David Flair in order to rile his father. Following ‘Mania, Flair turned heel on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin with the help of The Undertaker.

Now, speaking in a UK Media Scrum, The Undertaker has opined that not only does he respect and look-up to Ric Flair, but if he could be anyone else in professional wrestling, it would be arguably the greatest professional wrestler in history:

“It’d be pretty tough not to want to be Ric Flair. I mean, he was just like the epitome of success and being World Champion and all the things that come with that. I just always thought Ric Flair, his character, was, you know, it was just so over the top, but not really, because that’s really Ric Flair. But, he’s kind of the bar for which guys of my generation measured themselves as far as success. He had obviously a tremendous — and continues to have a tremendous career. So I guess it’d be “The Nature Boy.” That is about as far off from The Undertaker as you can get.”

As he winds down his long and illustrious career, The Undertaker has covered just about every part of his time in the ring with various interviews over the last month. On top of that, he has collaborated with Snoop Dogg on Instagram and merchandise, joined Cameo and TikTok and shown a side to ‘The Deadman’ few knew existed.

At WWE Survivor Series on November 22, The Undertaker will retire from professional wrestling thirty years to the day he first stepped through the company’s curtain.