The Undertaker Reveals His Favourite Match Against Kane


The Undertaker has revealed which match with Kane was his favourite, pointing to WrestleMania 14 as a standout performance for the pair.

Whilst on WWE’s The Bump, The Undertaker and Kane were sharing memories, when asked which match they had together stood out from the others, Taker

I think the WrestleMania in Boston after a long build-up, that one comes to mind, for sure.

I think it was one of our better matches. It was the brother’s going at it on The Grandest Stage of the All.

Then, you did a pretty good number on me when I wrestled Vince [McMahon]. You come out of nowhere, swerve me, and then bury me with a front-end loader filled with dirt. That wasn’t very nice. That really was the catalyst of bringing the old Undertaker back.

WrestleMania 14 took place on March 29, 1998, at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The PPV was headlined by Stone Cold Steve Austin who defeated then WWF Champion Shawn Michaels for the title, small thanks to special guest referee Mike Tyson.

Just prior to the main event, The Undertaker was against Kane in a singles match, a feud spanning back to Kane’s debut in WWE at the Bad Blood PPV.

After being on the same side for a very small period, Kane locked Taker inside a casket and set it on fire at the Royal Rumble PPV. The Deadman returned to WWE a month later to seek revenge on his half-brother for what he did – WrestleMania being the destination for the match.

After a brutal affair, it would eventually take three tombstones with a guillotine leg drop and flying clothesline in between to stop Kane kicking out and sitting up, Taker winning it and keeping his streak alive (for now).

The feud continued post-Mania which saw the inception of the Inferno Match type at the Unforgiven PPV, a match which Taker also won.

As we revealed yesterday, Kane (real name Glen Jacobs) has been announced as the latest inductee for the Class of 2021 in the WWE Hall Of Fame, joining Molly Holly, Eric Bischoff & The Great Khali.