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The Undertaker Responds To Margot Robbie Revealing She Was A Fan

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The Undertaker has responded to comments made by Hollywood star Margot Robbie where she claimed to be a fan of the Deadman when she was younger.

During the summer Margot Robbie starred alongside John Cena in The Suicide Squad. During the press tour for the blockbuster, the Hollywood A-Lister revealed that she used to be a wrestling fan when she was younger. In numerous interviews Robbie named Cena and The Undertaker as her favourite Superstars.

During one of these interviews, the Australian star also recalled the bizarre story of how she slept in a room with a cardboard cut-out of John Cena.

At the time, Undertaker responded to his name being dropped during a conversation between Robbie and Bianca Belair tweeting “The Deadman and Harley Quinn? Sounds like hell of a tag team.”

Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, The Undertaker said he was flattered to be mentioned by star.

“Obviously, it’s extremely flattering. She’s one of the hottest actresses out there in terms of what she’s putting out in her movies and that whole series. It’s always cool to see people from different genres that are fans. ‘Cause sometimes you forget that you’re also a form of entertainment and so people from different genres are fans of things too. I would’ve never placed that one but I thought it was really cool that she mentioned that,”

The WWE legend later suggested that Robbie could be a success into the world of WWE.

“Oh, totally! You can definitely see it. I mean, she would be an awesome character for WWE. She’d hold her own quite well, looks like,”

During the interview, The Undertaker also confirmed that his in-ring days are firmly behind him. The Deadman explained that although his heart and mind are still willing, his body has other ideas.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.