The Undertaker Pays Tribute To Matt Hardy After Surpassing 30 Year-Milestone

Matt Hardy

A legend himself, The Undertaker recently showed his respect to the legendary Matt Hardy.

With his career in professional wrestling, Matt Hardy has provided three decades of service, and during a special edition of his podcast recently, Hardy was sent a load of messages from WWE legends.

One of those legends was The Undertaker, who achieved a milestone of the same fashion back in 2020, who appeared on Matt Hardy’s podcast “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” to pay tribute for the 30-year achievement.

“Hey, Matt, it’s Take. Man, I just want to reach out and say congratulations. 30 years is quite the accomplishment, man. Just really amazing! I remember when you and your brother first came in back in the day, a couple of teenagers, and now here you are, 30 years later. 30 years in any business is an accomplishment but to stay relevant in the industry is a really huge accomplishment.”

When the Hardy brothers’ stardom started to rise in the WWE’s Attitude Era, The Undertaker was already set as one of the biggest stars in the company, and “The Deadman” spoke about seeing them back then. “Taker,” real name Mark Calaway, said he was proud of Hardy with what’s done with his career the past 30 years.

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