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The Undertaker Pays A Touching Tribute To Paul Bearer

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On November 8, The Undertaker took to social media to have his say on his later manager and dear friend, Paul Bearer.

During the airing of ‘The Mortician: The Story of Paul Bearer’, which is part of WWE’s ’30 Days of The Deadman’ celebration leading up to his suspected retirement speech at Survivor Series on November 22, the real life Mark Calaway took to Twitter to have his say on the man who helped to define a character and career.

Along with a clip of the two men together, ‘Taker wrote:

“Paul Bearer was an iconic manager in front of and behind the curtain and was a great friend and great person in my life. I hope this shows just a portion of the man he was and the role he played in helping make The Undertaker so successful. #TheMortician @WWENetwork.”

Of course, William ‘Paul Bearer’ Moody wasn’t just instrumental to The Undertaker on screen. His efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow outside the ring have been well documented too.

Few managers have the effect on their in-ring clients like Paul Bearer had on The Undertaker. Leading him to the ring, urn in hand, Bearer’s dramatic voice and signature scream of, “ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss”, served as the soundtrack not just for years worth of matches but also an entire generation of childhoods.

In some way, Bearer was always a part of The Undertaker’s historic and unmatched career. Whether it was by his side or leading a charge against him in the form of Mankind, Vader or Kane following one of the most shocking heel turns in memory at SummerSlam 1996.

In 2004, ‘The Deadman’s’ storyline father returned to stand in his corner against the might of Paul Heyman and The Dudley Boys but found himself encased in a concrete tomb at that year’s Great American Bash by his client’s own hand.

He would continue to appear sporadically until his untimely passing in 2013.

Though there would have been an Undertaker without Paul Bearer, no one can deny that there wouldn’t have been The Undertaker we had, know and love without the pale faced mortician who stood faithfully by his side for six years.

The value of Paul Bearer should never be underestimated. He’s a large part of professional wrestling history. A lineage which would have been poorer and undesireably different without him.