The Undertaker Opens Up On What Forced Him To Retire

The Undertaker

Many longstanding wrestling fans consider The Undertaker their favorite wrestler. For decades he was the living, breathing manifestation of WWE’s mantra of ‘larger than life personalities’, especially given how dedicated he was to protecting the integrity of his character.

But as the 2010s wore on, all of the Undertaker’s passion for and dedication to the wrestling business couldn’t stop Father Time. His body broke down on him more and more, as did his resistance to “breaking kayfabe”.

Eventually, Undertaker decided to retire, and since then he, like so many of his fellow wrestlers, has opened up about and spoken about his wrestling experiences.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, the Undertaker explained that he loves the wrestling business so much that he didn’t want to retire and that he was forced to because his body couldn’t keep up anymore.

“In my mind, in my heart, there’s nothing more that I want to do than get in the ring and perform. You know, it was my body that just said no, you’re done dude, we got everything out of this we can get, and it’s time for you to move aside and let these guys come up.”

Undertaker would’ve lost control over his emotions if his retirement took place in front of a live audience

Additionally, the Undertaker detailed how his retirement at Survivor Series 2020 – which took place with no live audience – was exactly what he wanted. He explained that, although the Undertaker character was so famous for being stoic, he – the man behind the gimmick – wouldn’t have been able to keep his emotions in check if he had to formally retire in front of live fans.

“Even though I knew I was done, and it was over, like I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to cry, I didn’t want to break down, you know, I was like I was still trying to protect that character.

And I was like man if I, if I’m out here in front of a live audience, like, I mean you saw how hard of a time I had at that at the Hall of Fame, and I you know, that’s another year or two later, I would have been a wreck man. Because I didn’t, I didn’t want to retire.

So I would have been a wreck if there had been people there and, you know, all that all that kayfabing I did and protecting, the character would have been destroyed in one, in one promo, I would have been bawling.”

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