The Undertaker Once Prevented A Female Fan From Taking Her Own Life

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is without a doubt one of the biggest names in WWE history, with a decades-long career that culminated in his WWE Hall of Fame induction as part of the class of 2022.

The star has had a major effect on fans throughout his career, and speaking on a recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he opened up about a special interaction with one of his fans as a woman told him she didn’t end her own life because of her investment in him as a performer.

“You’re going out and you’re doing you know, you’re doing this thing you’re passionate about and everything. But you have no idea sometimes how you affect other people and the responsibility that comes with that. I’m talking about, you know, this one girl, she stopped me I think it was in Philadelphia.

“And she just kind of go, she goes, ‘Yeah, I had my whole plan. I was going to do it. And it came down to it, this is the only reason I didn’t I didn’t follow through with my plan is because I wanted to see what you were going to do on Monday night on Raw. And then it became, you know, I struggled all week to get to the next Monday night. So I could see what you were going to do.’

“And I’m just I’m like, I’m sitting there like blown away and like, wow, that’s crazy to have that kind of, that people invest in, has that kind of effect on them.”

The Undertaker Returned To WWE Raw On January 23rd

Ahead of WWE Raw’s 30th anniversary celebration on January 23, it was announced that The Undertaker would be in attendance, though the nature of his appearance was kept under wraps until the night of the broadcast.

Midway through the show, LA Knight stood in the ring to address his upcoming Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match with Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. As he was claiming that no one would show up to face him, bells rang out throughout the Philadelphia arena, signaling the return of The Deadman.

However, WWE fans in attendance were shocked and delighted when ‘Taker appeared not in his traditional hat and cloak, but riding a motorcycle to the sounds of Kid Rock’s American Badass, marking the first appearance of “Biker ‘Taker” in nearly 20 years.

As Undertaker made his way into the arena, LA Knight went to make his exit, getting in one more verbal dig along the way. He was interrupted, however, by the arena lights dimming and the sounds of Bray Wyatt‘s theme as Wyatt came to confront his Royal Rumble opponent. Knight retreated back into the ring, only to be grabbed by the throat by The Undertaker himself.

Before he could deliver his signature chokeslam, the American Badass gave Knight to Wyatt, who delivered a brutal Sister Abigail. Undertaker and Wyatt had a chill-inducing face off, their first since facing each other at WrestleMania 31 in 2015. Before making his exit, ‘Taker whispered something to Bray, a moment that seemed to serve as a passing of the torch.

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