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The Undertaker On Who Holds “Special Place” In Vince McMahon’s Heart

The Undertaker

The Undertaker recently told WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon holds him in a special place in his heart for being real.

The Godfather had a long-tenured run in WWE that began in the early nineties with the real-life Charles Wright first portraying Papa Shango. During this time Papa Shango was involved in a storyline with Ultimate Warrior after he interfered in the aftermath of the infamous WrestleMania 8 main event between Hulk Hogan and Sid. The character wasn’t long for the company however and Wright returned to the USWA.

In 1995 Wright resurfaced in the World Wrestling Federation as Kama ‘The Supreme Fighting Machine’ and joined Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation, this run is most memorable for Kama’s feud with The Undertaker where he stole the Deadman’s sacred urn and melted down into a gold chain.

Another hiatus followed before Wright resurfaced once again as Kama Mustafa, part of Faarooq’s Nation Of Domination. It was at this time Kama began to be known as ‘The Godfather of the Nation Of Domination’ and the nickname soon stuck.

Following the Nation’s disbandment, The Godfather became one of the most popular characters of the Attitude Era as he was frequently accompanied to the ring by his troop of glamorous women.

Backstage, however, The Godfather had long been close friends with The Undertaker and associated with the backstage group The Bone Street Krew. The group consisted of, among others, Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn, Yokozuna, and Rikishi.

Speaking on the Midnight Hustle Podcast, The Godfather revealed that The Undertaker recently told him how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon felt about him:

“Taker actually said, I swear he said this a couple of days ago, he goes, ‘Vince has got a special place in his heart for you. Vince likes real people, and you’re a real dude. Vince sees that and he really appreciates real people.’”

The Godfather received WWE’s highest accolade when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2016.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription