The Undertaker On Terrifying Jackhammer That Almost Ended His Career

The Undertaker Goldberg

The Undertaker has discussed his infamous match with Goldberg where the 2022 WWE Hall Of Famer says he was two inches away from not getting back up.

At WWE Super ShowDown in June 2019, The Undertaker competed in the final singles, in-ring match of his unparalleled WWE career. At the event held in Saudi Arabia, the Deadman went one-on-one with former World Champion Goldberg in the main event.

The former WCW icon suffered a concussion early on in proceedings after colliding head first with the ring post and things quickly unraveled. Goldberg gave The Undertaker a nasty-looking Jackhammer that left the Phenom on the edge of disaster.

Speaking on the True Geordie Podcast The Undertaker reflected on that match and says if he had been competing full time he might have recognised that the two men were treading a dangerous road in attempting the move:

“It’s one of those things that happened, he’s done that move a million times. I don’t know if he was concussed at that point yet. Part of that is because I’m not working a full schedule at that point. I’m not kicking on all my cylinders where I can recognize that ‘Okay, maybe we shouldn’t do this.’”

“People are expecting big things because it’s Goldberg and it’s Undertaker… I’m thinking, ‘We gotta pay this off.’ Maybe if I was working more often I would have recognized the fact that, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t do that.’ That was one of those instances where two inches [difference in landing], I don’t get up.”

The Undertaker also discussed his thoughts on the current wrestling generation and says he perceives a lack of grit compared to days gone by.

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