The Undertaker On Final Farewell – “It Was Tough”


The Undertaker has recently discussed his retirement speech at Survivor Series 2020, describing his final walk to the ring as ‘The Deadman’ as “tough”.

Mark Calaway, who portrayed The Undertaker in WWE for 30 years, recently appeared on the ‘Victory Over Injury’ podcast. During the episode, the ‘American Badass’ discussed his long and illustrious career in professional wrestling, which came to an end at the conclusion of 2020’s Survivor Series event. When discussing his final moments in the ring, Calaway described the emotional moment he realised this was the end:

“I’d already come to peace with my decision, but it was really real once I put the hat and coat on. Knowing I was putting the hat and coat on for the last time and walking to the ring in that capacity, it was tough. It was probably best that I didn’t say much more than I did or I would have killed 30 years of work and turning into a blubbering idiot. It was a tough moment. I had already come to grips with the fact that I had gotten everything out of this sponge that you’re going to get, but when I put the hat and the coat on, things feel different. ‘I might have one more in me.’ No, that was it.”

The Undertaker made his debut in WWE at Survivor Series 1990. Accompanied to the ring by Brother Love, the character was unlike anything the world of professional wrestling had ever seen. His chilling demeanour mixed with his impressive in-ring abilities soon made The Undertaker one of the companies top stars. ‘The Phenom’ would go on to dominate for 30 years, continuously adapting with the times to maintain his spot as one of the all time greats.

Following a run of self confessed disappointing matches, ‘Takers last bout with the company came at WrestleMania 36, winning a Boneyard Match versus AJ Styles. Later the same year, ‘The Deadman’ would officially retire. Following a month long celebration of the legend on WWE Network, ‘Taker would take to the ring and retire with a few choice words:

“For 30 long years, I’ve made that slow walk to this ring. And have laid people to rest time and time again. And now, my time has come. My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace.”

During his time as The Undertaker, Mark Calaway remained extremely secretive and protective over the persona, rarely granting interviews or breaking character. Following his retirement however, Calaway has appeared on a number of shows and podcasts, such as Hot Ones and the Joe Rogan Experience.

Despite stepping away from the ring, Calaway continues to collaborate with WWE. During WrestleMania 37 weekend, WWE released a set of Undertaker NFT’s with bronzee, silver and gold tiers. It has also been widely rumoured and reported that Calaway will play a part in NXT in a backstage role, at some point in the future.

h/t Transcription: Fightful