The Undertaker Names His Favourite Current WWE Superstar

The Undertaker

During a Q&A with WWE on TikTok, The Undertaker has revealed his favourite current-day WWE Superstar.

The Undertaker was giving one-word answers to questions put to him by WWE on TikTok when he was asked to name his favourite WWE Superstar today. The ‘Deadman’ didn’t hesitate to respond with the WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

Undertaker and Edge have a storied history together, with the two having faced each other in the main event of WrestleMania 24. On that occasion, the ‘Phenom’ came out on top after forcing Edge to submit to his Hell’s Gate finisher and capturing the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

They continued to feud for much of 2008 with their final encounter happening inside Hell in a Cell at that year’s SummerSlam. The Undertaker once again came out on top, this time putting an exclamation point on his victory by chokeslamming the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ off a ladder and through the ring. The show closed with flames appearing from the hole in the ring while The undertaker posed nearby.

As well as his favourite WWE Superstar, Undertaker also named his toughest opponent, Yokozuna, and said he would have loved to wrestle Andre the Giant. Interestingly, he has recently claimed that WWE might have another Andre on its hands in AJ Styles’ ‘Personal Colossus’, Omos.