The Undertaker Lifts The Lid On Relationship With Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker & Brock Lesnar stare down

Over the course of his legendary career The Undertaker squared off against many of the biggest stars in WWE including Brock Lesnar.

After Lesnar won the Undisputed Championship at SummerSlam 2002, The Undertaker was first in line for a crack at the young star. This led to a lengthy feud between the pair, and a classic Hell In A Cell match later that year.

The pair went on to cross paths on multiple multiple times later in their respective careers, with Lesnar famously ending “The Streak” at WrestleMania 30. Speaking in a new interview with Alex McCarthy for Inside The Ropes, The Deadman opened up about his relationship with The Beast.

“Brock and I have always been close. When he came up the first time, [there were] numerous occasions where we sat down and we talked about things.”

‘Taker added that when Lesnar first appeared on the main roster between 2002 and 2004, he encouraged the star to pursue projects outside of WWE.

“He ran it by me early on when he was thinking about leaving… where everyone else was telling him, ‘man, you’re making a mistake, you shouldn’t do this,’ I told him the opposite.”

The Deadman added that he doesn’t believe The Beast gets enough credit for his knowledge of the wrestling business.

“I think the world of Brock and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his business acumen and his knowledge of the [wrestling] business,”

The Undertaker Doesn’t Think Brock Lesnar Should Have Broken “The Streak”

Speaking in a different interview, The Undertaker reiterated that he doesn’t believe Lesnar should have broken his WrestleMania streak. The veteran surmised that Lesnar was already a huge star, therefore didn’t need the boost of ending “The Streak.” ‘Taker explained that the honour could have been more use to someone like Roman Reigns who was on the rise during that period.

During the conversation, Undertaker confirmed that Edge turned down the chance to beat him at WrestleMania believing it wouldn’t be the right decision at the time.

H/t to Wrestling Inc