The Undertaker Reveals His “Huge” WWE Regret

The Undertaker

WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker enjoyed a legendary career that saw him headline multiple WrestleMania’s, participate in some of the most memorable matches in WWE history and win a significant number of Championships during his in-ring run.

‘The Deadman’ has had a career that most Superstars could only dream of. And whilst he carries very few regrets following his retirement from the squared circle, he has revealed that one huge miss stays with him.

The Undertaker regrets not having the chance to work with Andre The Giant

Having worked with most of the huge Superstars that WWE has had to offer across the span of his career, The Undertaker has been open to the fact that he particularly enjoyed working with smaller and more agile opponents, such as soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio.

‘The Demon Of Death Valley’ has revealed, however, that there is one big man that he wishes he could have worked with. The late WWE Hall Of Famer Andre The Giant famously has a reputation for disliking other big men, however in a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani Meets The Undertaker noted that he was in the former WWE Tag Team Champions good books:

“Oh, my gosh, he’ll. So you know, Andre didn’t like big guys, for most part and for some reason, he loved me. When I came in, he was he was right there at the end and he was working just a little bit, his knees and his back were really, really bad.

But he had always had this idea, I’d come into the dressing room I say, “Hey, Boss, how you doing today” and he would say “oh, good. kid, one day, me and you we make big money.” I was like really boss? He goes, “Yeah, I’ve got a good idea”. I said, “Oh, well, let me hear about it.” “No, no, no,” he was so old school like he would never tell me.”

Andre The Giant would sadly pass away in January 1993 from congestive heart failure at the age of just 46. The Undertaker would go on to reveal to Helwani that not getting the chance to work with the man fondly known backstage as ‘Boss’ was a huge regret:

“I never got to work with him. That is a huge regret. I would have loved just to been in the ring with Andre. Yeah, I remember meeting him as a young kid in Houston, for Paul Bosch went to the Sam Houston Coliseum there in Houston and I don’t know, I might have been 12 years old. You know, shook his hand and was just like, I can’t believe his hand was that big and then, you know, all those years later to be in the same dressing room with him. It was very cool. It was real surreal.”

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