The Undertaker Heaps Praise On Unlikely WWE Star

The Undertaker

The Undertaker might not be an in-ring competitor anymore, but that doesn’t mean he has taken his eye completely off the next generation.

Speaking in a new interview with Alex McCarthy for the Daily Mail, The Deadman was quick to praise Omos as not only a performer but as a human being.

The Nigerian giant signed with WWE in 2019 and made his main roster debut a year later.

After appearing on Raw Underground, the star began a partnership with AJ Styles which saw the pair capture the Raw Tag Team Titles. A little under a year ago Omos teamed with MVP and that has led all of the way to a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39.

In appraising the star, Undertaker said that he needs to be kept special, and not featured on television every week.

“I’m really high on Omos. He’s still developing that talent and my gosh what a great human being he is. Actually, I’m killing him off cause he’s a bad guy right now, but he is a really nice human being and he is a sponge, he wants to get better He wants to do all of the things that I look for when I see somebody that I really want to mentor, but it’s difficult because its just so hard to book him in a way that he should be booked. He is an attraction, he’s not an every week tv kind of guy, he needs to be special,”

The Undertaker Offered WWE Coaching Role

Ever since The Undertaker retired there have been rumours that he could be tempted to get back in the ring. However, the WWE Hall of Famer recently reiterated his desire to stay retired, not that he’s completely comfortable with putting his feet up just yet.

‘Taker admitted that physically he can’t deliver what’s expected, even if in his mind he could keep going. During the interview, he revealed that WWE had approached him to become a coach.