The Undertaker Got Injured By Rey Mysterio’s “Bony Ass”

The Undertaker Rey Mysterio

Having spent more than 30 years in professional wrestling, The Undertaker has unfortunately had his fair share of injuries incurred inside the squared circle.

One of his most famous injuries in WWE came at the hands of Mabel in 1995. After suffering a broken orbital bone during a match with the 1995 King of the Ring, Undertaker had to wear a protective mask that some likened to that worn in Phantom of the Opera.

Speaking in a new interview with Hawk vs. Wolf, The Undertaker opened up about this injury and detailed its severity, saying that he required surgery and could have lost his eye entirely if he’d taken another bad bump before getting it fixed.

“The doctor goes, ‘you’ve lost about 50 percent of your orbital floor.’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘You need to go home and find an ophthalmologist and a surgeon.’ Come to find out, I ended up losing 90% of my orbital floor. My optic nerve is setting on a jagged piece of bone. If I got hit on the right side of my head again, there is a good chance I would have lost my eye. Took two surgeons, they go in, take out all the bone fragments, and they put in a fake one.”

“It’s Hard Being Injured By An Anus” – The Undertaker On Being Injured By Rey Mysterio On WWE SmackDown

Continuing in the interview, The Undertaker spoke about his vision being further damaged after a move from Rey Mysterio went awry during a match on a May 2010 episode of SmackDown.

“Rey Mysterio, tiny guy, sweetheart of a guy, he ended up jumping off the top rope, and his ass was supposed to hit me in the chest, but it hit me right in the face. It was a bony ass. Bony ass, right on the bridge of my nose. He lands, I have all of his weight on my head, I hit the mat and blew out the other one. I broke my nose and I was concussed. It’s hard being injured by an anus.

“My nose was broke, I fixed my nose right there, I just squeezed my nose back. The second one, to this day and it’s probably been 15 years, I still have double vision.”

The Undertaker is now retired from in-ring competition, and elsewhere in the interview, he discussed the reason that one more match is firmly off the table.

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