The Undertaker Gave Brutal Advice To Ex-WWE Star – “Take Two Weeks Off And Quit”

The Undertaker

The legend of The Undertaker extends far beyond what he ever achieved in the ring.

While the star achieved incredible success inside the squared circle, he was known as the locker room leader for much of his career. If there was a problem in the locker room, everyone looked at The Deadman to solve it. He was the buffer between the roster and Vince McMahon, and as such a highly respected figure.

For decades it has been common practice for younger stars to seek out the advice of veterans and some reassurance that they’re on the right track. Although as Paul Wight has now revealed, this doesn’t always go to plan.

Even by 1999, The Undertaker was already seen as something of a veteran, and one of the biggest stars in WWE. At the other end of the spectrum, Wight was relatively new to the business and only joined WWE that February, although he was working with The Deadman on-screen by the end of the year.

Speaking during an appearance on the Generation Iron Fitness Network, Wight recalled asking ‘Taker if there was anything he could work on. Rather than providing a pat on the back, The Phenom told him to quit.

“I went to him one time in ’99 and I did the same thing that every young guy does, ‘Did you see anything maybe I can change or work on? Is there anything I can improve on?’ I just wanted him to pat me on the back and say, ‘No, kid, you’re doing great,’ because that’s what your mentality is. ‘Taker looked at me, he goes, ‘Yeah, I got some advice. I think you should take two weeks off and quit the business,’ and he walked off.”

Although the comments might seem harsh and more than a little blunt, Wight explained that it was a kick that he needed.

“It clicked in my mind: stop seeking approval. Stop asking. Work hard, put your time in. Pay attention to guys or gals that you like that you respect. If something feels disconnected, don’t force it because sometimes on TV we’re under time constraints.”

The Undertaker Key To The Miz Being Banned From The Locker Room

The now infamous story of The Miz being banned from the main WWE locker room early in his career recently came back to the fore on social media. In the conversation, Chavo Guerrero said that the punishment was warranted and that The Undertaker’s opinion was key.

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