The Undertaker Final Farewell Adds More Legends

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Savio Vega and Mike Johnson of PWInsider have both revealed further names to be present for the Final Farewell of The Undertaker at Survivor Series on November 22.

In an interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Savio Vega – who was announced earlier this week to be in attendance – revealed that Rikishi, Henry Godwinn, Phineas Godwinn and Charles Wright who portrayed Papa Shango, Kama and The Godfather will also be in attendance to celebrate their friend’s illustrious career.

During the interview, in which he spoke on how excited he was to be a part of something so historic and MLW’s Restart, Vega had this to say:

“So far, I’m going to be just there. Some of the BSK members are going to be there, and we’ll see what happens,” Vega said. “I hope something happens there. I’m just happy to be with my crew, my guys. You got Fatu (Rikishi), you got Papa Shango / The Godfather, you got Taker [and] you got the Godwinns. I mean, I’m happy just for that.”

Of course, while being one of The Undertaker’s best friends behind the scenes, Charles Wright is also one of his most fearsome rivals on screen. The battles between Undertaker and Papa Shango/Kama were stuff of legend and filled WWF’s programming throughout 1995.

It was Wright who was responsible for melting down the famous urn and turning it into a necklace.

Of course, everyone mentioned by Savio Vega was a member of the infamous Bone Street Krew. A backstage group lead by Mark ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway which included many former WWF Superstars.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider also revealed that Kane would be present on November 22. Kane and The Undertaker have been synonymous with each other’s careers, going from storyline brothers and bitter rivals to best friends when the cameras had stopped rolling.

Dave Meltzer in the recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed that The Undertaker will not compete during what is touted as his retirement ceremony.

Inside the Ropes will keep you updated on the latest names announced for The Undertaker’s Final Farewell.