WWE Official Claims The Undertaker & Dwayne Johnson Were The Easiest Stars To Work With

The Undertaker

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) veteran Jack Doan recently spoke about his experience working with talent such as The Undertaker, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kurt Angle, and admitted that he had a great time with all of them.

Having worked with WWE for years, Doan has one of the most lengthy resumes in company history, with his time beginning in 1991 and ending in 2013. Until the latter year, Doan was listed as the second longest-serving referee in the promotion, placed after Mike Chioda.

The Undertaker & Dwayne Johnson Were Easy To Work With

Recently making an appearance on “UnSKripted” for an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Doan spoke about what the differences were between working with mega superstars who have worked main events, such as The Undertaker, and superstars located in the middle of the card.

Doan made the claim that while he was a referee, his job was nowhere as hard when he was working with superstars like The Undertaker and The Rock.

“The best probably to work with, Undertaker. Some of the top guys that you think would be the hardest are actually the best. Rock, ‘Taker, Kurt Angle, all those guys were so easy to work with in the ring. You know, it’s not a knock on them but the main event matches, their characters were so over, you didn’t have to work as hard.”

Doan also discussed the trouble that he was tasked with deal with while being a referee in bouts for mid-card wrestlers who relied on fast roll-ups and pinfalls.

“Now if you’re working a Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero match, you’re working your b*tt off because there was going to be 25 false finishes. When you got the main event guys, you’re not going to have as many false finishes or you know, as much as the lot of smaller guys that are doing flips, quick roll ups, quick pins. Those were the matches that were tough, when you’re the main event guy, not that they don’t work hard, but it becomes a little easier.”

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