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The Undertaker Digs Up His Favourite Character

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The Undertaker has taken a deep dive into his storied legacy in order to reveal which iteration of his character he considers his favourite.

From his origins as ‘The Deadman’ to his evolution into leather clad leader of the Ministry of Darkness, The American Badass to Big Evil and back again there are many faces of The Undertaker to choose from and every fan has their own personal favourite.

Now, ‘The Phenom’ himself has spoken about which incarnation he had most fun portraying and which he looks back on with pride in an interview with WWE’s The Bump:

“I mean the traditional Undertaker, obviously, because that’s the one that first debuted. But probably the most fun was the American Badass because I could talk however I wanted. It was perfect for the time period that we were in. But yeah, I think the original Deadman was my favorite.”

Staying on the theme of his original character which served a whole generation who of which are now adults and will shed a tear when he departs on November 22, The Undertaker remembered arguably his most famous rivalry in 1994 with one of his greatest opponents, Yokozuna.

Despite the storyline both men partook in, where the then WWF Champion locked his undead foe in a casket at the 1994 Royal Rumble with the help of a host of others and wheeled him away only for ‘The Man From the Darkside’ to return at that year’s Survivor Series and extract revenge, Mark Calaway has only fond memories of his friend and on-screen foe:

“I miss Rod so much. He was taken away from us too soon. He was just a phenomenal worker, but a better human being. He had a heart of gold; he was such a great dude.”

There have been many faces and many feuds to The Undertaker’s long and unmatchable career, but the time is almost on us to consign each and every one to history. We will treasure every match, every memory and every Tombstone in the years to come and look back on a historic career with love.

The Undertaker will bid his ‘Final Farewell’ to professional wrestling at WWE Survivor Series on November 22.

Credit for the interview: WWE’s The Bump

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.