The Undertaker Responds To Bray Wyatt Over Raw 30th Anniversary ‘Passing Of The Torch’

The Undertaker

On January 23rd, The Undertaker returned to WWE television for the first time since being inducted into the Hall of Fame in April 2022.

On the 30th-anniversary of Monday Night Raw, ‘Taker returned under his guise as the American Badass, complete with Kid rock theme music and motorbike. The veteran came to the ring to confront LA Knight after he had called out the legends backstage.

The Undertaker Comes Face-To-Face With Bray Wyatt

As ‘Taker made it to the ring, Knight left and headed up the ramp before insulting The Undertaker some more. At this, Knight was interrupted by Bray Wyatt who slowly appeared behind him. This forced Knight back towards the ring and The Phenom. The legend looked as though he was going to Chokeslam Knight before throwing the star to Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt quickly hit a Sister Abigail to leave Knight laying. A silent Undertaker then went to leave, but not before whispering something in Wyatt’s ear.

The moment was praised online as many noted that it signified a ‘passing of the torch’ between the veteran and the younger star.

Wyatt later posted on social media that the moment “justified a lifetime of sacrifices.”

“This moment justified a lifetime of sacrifices for me. A lifetime of people treating my uniqueness like it was a disease. Through all the bad times I never changed myself to fit anyone’s narrative. I’m proud of that. Thank you Taker. #SuckItLAKnight”

In response, The Undertaker paid his own tribute to the star.

The Undertaker has seemingly been a fan of Bray Wyatt for years going back to their matches in 2015. It has been reported that ‘Taker told Vince McMahon after their match at WrestleMania 31 to “take care” of the star.