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The Undertaker Blames His Character For Lack Of Make A Wish Requests

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The Undertaker has risen from his eternal rest to discuss why he was never able to fulfil more Make A Wish requests while he was an active superstar.

Keeping himself busy since stepping away from the industry at the 2020 Survivor Series, ‘The Deadman’ is currently waiting on the outcome of a competition by Omaze who are holding a donation drive for Make A Wish with the winner earning themselves a once in a lifetime experience with ‘The Phenom’ himself at the WWE Performance Center to create their own unique entrance.

The premise of the competition which closes on Wednesday February 24 is that the more a person donates the more chance they stand of winning. A ten dollar donation gifts someone one hundred entries, a twenty five dollar donation amounts to two hundred and fifty entries and so on.

While he waits to find out who he will be creating an unique entrance with, The Undertaker has spoken to TMZ Sports to promote the competition and briefly mention what would have made doing more for Make A Wish possible as an active performer:

“I would’ve happily done more Wish events if it hadn’t been for the character.”

As far as the competition is concerned, The Undertaker is excited to collaborate with the winner and impart his knowledge as far as what makes a great entrance:

“We’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna create their own personal ring entrance. So, they’re gonna tell me, ‘Well I wanna do this, I like this, I like this.’ So they’re gonna get to pick my mind, pick my brain, ya know — I know a little about entrances! We’ll sit there and formulate their own personal WWE ring entrance and then they’ll get to do that entrance.

When you get to interact with these children and you know what they’re going through — and man, to see the smiles on their faces!? Not to sound cliché but I tell you what, it will put you on point because it makes you realize how blessed you are and it’s just a thrill. It really has been one of the highlights in my career working with Make-A-Wish.”

The winner of the Omaze competition will be announced on March 10 and will travel to Orlando, Florida, shortly after to undergo the full WWE Superstar experience. In addition to the entrance, the victor will receive a photo with The Undertaker, a WWE Championship replica signed by the legend as well as WWE merchandise.

Credit for the interview: TMZ Sports

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.