The Undertaker And Kevin Nash Poke Fun At AEW Match

Steve Austin & The Undertaker

After coming out firing on all cylinders, AEW isn’t having the best run as of late.

The lack of character development, roster use and storylines on AEW television has drawn criticism from fans, and sections of the wrestling media.

Over the past few months, several of the promotion’s stars have publically called out Khan for their lack of opportunity and TV time. Add rumours of backstage issues and relationship breakdowns, and there is seemingly an unhappy environment within AEW.

Now two of wrestling’s most successful performers have taken to social media to make jokes at the promotions’ expense.

A Twitter user posted an image of a bloody Wheeler Yuta, which has been likened to one of WWE’s most iconic moments.

The image shows Yuta with blood streaming down his face whilst caught in a Sharpshooter during his match with Jon Moxley. Some AEW fans compared the moment to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WrestleMania 13 match with Bret The Hitman Hart.

The image was posted with the caption:

“Imagine you’re Stone Cold on your ranch drinking a Budweiser, scrolling Twitter and you see this being compared to you”

The tweet caught the eye of WWE Hall of Famer and nWo founder Kevin Nash who hilariously replied:

“Don’t worry he ain’t watching”

Nash’s response is due to AEW’s television ratings, which have been on a downturn in recent months. The former Deisel’s reply got the attention of the WWE’s greatest character, The Undertaker. Upon seeing the post the Deadman responded:

Huge pop!!

The Undertaker And Kevin Nash Poke Fun At AEW Match

The Undertaker Told An AEW Star To Quit

Throughout his career, The Undertaker was a highly respected figure who younger wrestlers would come to for help and advice. One wrestler who was in the early stages of his career went to ‘Taker for help but got some advice that he wasn’t expecting.

Speaking during an appearance on the Generation Iron Fitness Network, Paul Wight (FKA the Big Show) recalled asking the Deadman if there was anything he could work on. Rather than providing a pat on the back, The Phenom told him to quit.

“I went to him one time in ’99 and I did the same thing that every young guy does, ‘Did you see anything maybe I can change or work on? Is there anything I can improve on?’ I just wanted him to pat me on the back and say, ‘No, kid, you’re doing great,’ because that’s what your mentality is. ‘Taker looked at me, he goes, ‘Yeah, I got some advice. I think you should take two weeks off and quit the business,’ and he walked off.”

Although the comments might seem harsh and more than a little blunt, Wight explained that it was a kick that he needed.

“It clicked in my mind: stop seeking approval. Stop asking. Work hard, put your time in. Pay attention to guys or gals that you like that you respect. If something feels disconnected, don’t force it because sometimes on TV we’re under time constraints.”