The Undertaker Almost Lost His Eye Due To Iconic Botch

The Undertaker wearing mask

The Undertaker is one of WWE’s most iconic characters and tenured veterans. Throughout his thirty-year career, the Deadman dished out a tonne of pain but was also on the receiving end of it too.

Who could forget the time he caught fire on his way to the ring? During his entrance to the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match, Taker was engulfed by flames three times causing his entrance jacket to briefly set on fire. The pyrotechnics accident resulted in him suffering third-degree burns.

This incident in 2010 isn’t the only serious injury he endured inside the ring. In a recent interview with Hawk and Wolf, the Undertaker spoke about the physical injuries inflicted upon him throughout his legendary career. One such injury was so serious that it very nearly cost him his right eye.

“The doctor goes, ‘you’ve lost about 50 percent of your orbital floor.’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘You need to go home and find an ophthalmologist and a surgeon.’ Come to find out, I ended up losing 90% of my orbital floor. My optic nerve is setting on a jagged piece of bone. If I got hit on the right side of my head again, there is a good chance I would have lost my eye. Took two surgeons, they go in, take out all the bone fragments, and they put in a fake one.”

The Undertaker Returned In a Mask After The Injury

The incident in question took place in 1995 during the King of the Ring tournament. In the quarterfinals, the Deadman was shockingly defeated by super heavyweight Mabel.

During the match, Mabel performed a leg drop on his opponent, but landed right on Taker’s face, crushing his orbital bone in the process. The legendary Superstar was ruled out for two months and had to wear his famous Phantom Of the Opera-style mask upon his return.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time Mabel seriously injured another wrestler in the ring. That same year he faced Diesel in a match for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. In the main Mabel did a sitdown splash right landing on the lower back of the champ with his full 500-pound weight.