The Undertaker Address Reports Of Heat With CM Punk

The Undertaker pins CM Punk

After his rivalry with The Rock came to an end in early 2013, CM Punk turned his attention to The Undertaker.

Punk had his 434-day World Title run ended by The Great One at the Royal Rumble and lost a rematch at Elimination Chamber. From here, Punk decided that he was going to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. To add further spice to their match, the pair utilised the death of ‘Taker’s guiding force Paul Bearer, real name Bill Moody. This included Punk showing varying degrees of disrespect to the popular figure.

Speaking to Alex McCarthy of the Daily Mail, The Undertaker looked back on his match with Punk and addressed reports he had heat with the star. ‘Taker said that he is proud of the match, adding he had “no beef” with Punk.

“He was great to work with,” The Undertaker said. “I’m very proud of that match and we sat down and thought about ideas and everything. I had no beef with Punk, he was always business with me, hopefully I was with him. I’ve been told that I have some beef against him, social media… they tell me because I don’t read comments or follow it, but I have a lot of people that tell me,”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to reiterate that he had no issues with Punk.

“Supposedly I squashed his push and all of this but anybody who knows me – even if I didn’t like somebody, and I don’t dislike punk, that’s another rumor that I have disdain for him, I don’t, he was good with me and that’s all that matters – business is business, whatever’s best for business.

That’s one thing I did learn from Vince [McMahon]. Whatever is best for business is what you do, so I can’t worry about what people who have no clue about our business think. Everybody thinks they’re an expert but they really have no clue. It’s ridiculous online. Business has always been business and he was always business with me,”

CM Punk Struggled To Get Motivated To Face The Undertaker

Speaking on his Foley Is Pod, podcast, Mick Foley recently reflected on the rivalry between Punk and The Undertaker. Foley, who was close to Punk at the time, admitted that the star struggled to get motivated to face The Deadman at WrestleMania.

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