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The Street Profits Vow To End The New Day

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WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits, have taken aim at WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The New Day, ahead of their champions vs. champions clash at WWE Survivor Series.

Following their 8-Man Tag Team Match on the November 20 WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which occurred after Ford and Dawkins came to the aid of Kingston and Woods, the former NXT talent brought the smoke in a backstage interview.

Addressing their opponents on November 22, the Profits took on a heelish demeanour and chastised their colleagues for not thanking them for carrying the team. Angelo Dawkins began:

“We know what we’re up against with The New Day, with Woods and Kofi, they bring it each and every night, they step foot in the ring, but we know that we definitely going to bring the smoke as well and that’s how we roll. Each and every time we step foot in the ring, we bring the smoke, we bring the swag like nobody can. That’s how we always is and always gonna be.”

An enraged Montez Ford then snatched the microphone:

“Respect is not something that comes and goes as like a new day does, you know, a new day shows up and then is tomorrow. You kind of call us tomorrow. A new day always shines up. It’s all beautiful and bright, sometimes sunny, and shiny, sometimes rainy and gloomy. But that new day always turns into tomorrow. The Street Profits are tomorrow. That’s what we can be signified as at Survivor Series — the historic, the historic WWE Survivor Series.

They kind of like shortchanged us, kind of like misinterpret us, like, ‘ah, they’re kids.’ They’ve shown it. They’ve shown it on WWE SmackDown. It was just kind of like going a little tit for tat. But then they saw the work that we can do and have done. At Survivor Series, we will continue to do what we have been doing and that is show that we’re the superior team and the best of the best.”

Fired up and ready for a fight at WWE Survivor Series, the duo promised that following the elimination event it would be nothing but love. However, should the Profits maintain their ruthless outlook, then it could prove a brand new opening for the usually playful double act.

The New Day and The Street Profits go back a little way in WWE, including the teams swapping Tag Team Championships when they ended up on opposite brand during the 2020 WWE Draft.

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