“The Stories I Could Tell About Being Followed” – WWE Star Blasts Inappropriate Fans

WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Asuka

The issue of so-called “fans” harassing wrestlers for multiple autographs at hotels and airports has come to the fore in recent months.

Rhea Ripley has been particularly outspoken on the problem since she experienced an incident that saw her followed around an airport by people wanting things signed to sell on eBay.

She explained that in trying to get away from them, she got lost trying to find her Uber and felt threatened by the men.

“It was one fan specifically, he’s notorious, he’s always at the airport getting our signatures and selling them on eBay — we know his face, we know who he is.

“He was the main instigator, he followed me out and others followed him too and they all followed me as I’m trying to find my Uber.

“So I’m trying to tell them no and they’re all being persistent and I ended up getting lost, I had no idea where my Uber was, and I ended up down the stairs away from everyone else and I’m just surrounded by these five guys and they’re just hassling me.

“I don’t think people understand how threatening that is. Especially because you don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know these people.”

Video has also emerged of other stars being inundated with autograph requests, including Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens.

Alexa Bliss weighs in on problem WWE “fans”

The latest star to speak about their experiences is Alexa Bliss. The former Raw Women’s Champion was responding to a fan on Twitter who noticed someone selling autographed items online.

Bliss said it’s something stars unfortunately get used to.

“We’re used to it unfortunately – & these people really Think we don’t know they sell it & get super offended if we say “no thank you.” Ohhh the stories I could tell about being followed.”

Responding to another fan who suggested she should refuse to sign more than one item, Alexa Bliss said it just doesn’t work.

“I’ve tried that one – they get back in line like i wouldn’t remember them hahah … or they just keep following until you sign the rest”

According to PWInsider, WWE is unhappy about the situation and are currently “monitoring” it, but no official direction has yet been given.