The Shocking Truth Behind MJF’s Controversial Car Crash Promo

MJF Liv Morgan

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite featured a gruesome promo from reigning AEW World Champion MJF that blended fact and fiction. During a post-match interview, MJF spoke about a car accident he was involved in years earlier with a woman that was pleasuring him. He said he switched the seats to fool the police and that the woman was dead.

Commenting on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez revealed that while the death of the woman was a work of fiction, most of the promo actually did happen. Alvarez said:

“He used this one this week, and he changed the end, and he wanted to make people think he was a horrible person. It wasn’t a story he made up. 80% of it is true, but 20% is fake, and he wanted people to hate him. He did spin out with his football buddies and smash into a tree. It was a serious, serious car accident.”

Are MJF and Liv Morgan dating?

MJF’s embellishment of the story caused WWE Superstar Liv Morgan to trend on Twitter as he had referred to the woman as ‘Liv’ for legal reasons. MJF and Liv Morgan are friends outside of the ring, a reality that sent social media into meltdown in 2022 when Liv posted a picture of the two together by a pool at a friend’s birthday party on her Instagram, but the Liv in question in MJF’s story was entirely fictional.

Just to clear up any rumours, MJF and Liv Morgan are not an item, just friends. MJF is currently dating artist Naomi Rosenblum, with the two announcing their engagement in September 2022. Liv Morgan is dating Bo Dallas and has been for some time, with the pair now reportedly living together.

Some AEW fans were apparently so convinced by MJF’s promo that they contacted the Nassau Police department to tell them what MJF had confessed to on live television, looking for him to be arrested for his crimes. Proof if it was needed that MJF remains the most outspoken and believable throwback heel in modern wrestling.