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The Rock Wishes YouTube Sensation Tommyinnit A “Happy MF’n Birthday”

Tommyinnit The Rock

YouTube’s rising star ‘Tommyinnit’ got more than he bargained for when he requested a Happy Birthday message from WWE Legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson .

Thomas Simons known better to fans as ‘Tommyinnit’ is one of YouTube’s fastest rising stars, amounting an incredible 7.5 million subscribers between April 2020 & April 2021. The digital content creator, best known for his Minecraft SMP videos alongside fellow YouTubers Dream and the multi-talented Wilbur Soot, surpassed 1 million subscribers in September of 2020 before reaching his next major milestone of 2 million subscribers just a month later in October 2020.

The now 17-year-old celebrated his birthday on April 9th, receiving an outpouring of support and well-wishes from his passionate and ever growing fanbase.

Celebrating his birthday, the Nottingham based creator would reach out via Twitter to WWE’s own ‘The Rock’ with one simple request – a happy birthday message.

Never one to disappoint, ‘The People’s Champion’ would respond in fashion just and hour later wishing Tommy a Happy Birthday and even fitting in a plug for his Tequila business in the process!

Tommy and his audience quickly pointed out that the content creator was only 17-years-old, with Tommy replying in comedic fashion that he will happily “do drugs” for ‘The Rock’.

Finally, Tommy would express that this was the “Best Birthday EVER”, keeping in his innocent boy persona by referring to Teremana as “hard drugs”.

‘Tommyinnit’ continues to gain incredible traction on both Twitch and YouTube gaining an incredible 30,000 daily subscribers on the latter platform. With fellow YouTuber Logan Paul set to appear on Night 2 of WrestleMania who knows if one day we may see ‘The Rock’ make his anticipated return to the WWE flanked by Tommyinnit.

‘The Rock’ has cemented himself a Hall of Fame worthy career and has taken his focus to Hollywood where he has become arguably one of the largest names in the film industry appearing in a range of critically acclaimed franchises including ‘The Fast & Furious’ franchise, ‘Baywatch’ and Disney’s ‘Moana’.