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The Rock To Go One On One With Lisa Simpson?

Lisa Simpson The Rock

The Rock may have conquered WWE and the movie world but The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Entertainment could be set to conquer Springfield with The Simpsons.

At the recent ComicCon@Home 2021, Simpsons writer Carolyn Omine confessed to having a storyline ready to go should The Rock ever take a wrong turn on Jabroni Drive and end up in the town of Springfield.

Omine said:

“There’s a story that we actually came up with, Lisa and The Rock…but we don’t know [if it will happen] yet. We’re still hoping that The Rock will hear us. If anybody knows The Rock, tell him that we want that!”

Yeardley Smith who voices Lisa Simpson in the series then said a story with Dwayne Johnson is something she has wanted for years:

“It just seems like a natural fit. I’ve been saying that this is a great idea in my interviews over the last few years. Every time anybody asks me which guest star I want on The Simpsons, my answer is always Dwayne Johnson, and that I want him to befriend Lisa Simpson. Duh!”

Matt Selman, who also writes on the series paraphrased The Great One as he made his pitch to him:

“I mean, I guess, to The Rock we would say, ‘can you smell what the show is pitching?’ Rock, if you’re out there anywhere, we have a great part for you.”

Since winding down his WWE career The Rock has blossomed into the highest-paid movie star in the world with a string of big-budget hits under his belt. His role in The Fast And The Furious franchise has seen The Rock spin-off into another movie franchise in Hobbs And Shaw.

The Rock’s wrestling days might not be totally behind him however if recent reports are to be believed. The eight-time WWE Champion is heavily rumoured for a return to WWE that could come as soon as November at the Survivor Series. That event will mark the 25th anniversary of the then-Rocky Maivia’s debut for the company at the 1996 Survivor Series.