The Rock Reflects On The Smoothest People’s Elbow Ever

The Rock delivering a People's Elbow

The Rock has named the “smoothest” People’s Elbow ever as he reflects on a classic WWE moment from twenty-three years ago.

Back in late September 1999, SmackDown was a relatively new show in WWE’s catalogue and it was making waves with the likes of The Rock and Triple H leading the charge of a company that was about to lose Stone Cold Steve Austin through injury for a year.

On the 7th edition of the blue brand’s show, Triple H put his WWE Championship on the line against the recently returned British Bulldog. There was just one major problem for both men, the special referee for their match was The Rock.

In a classic moment, the Hollywood star took matters into his own hands during the match. The People’s Champ applauded Triple H when he dropped Bulldog with a Pedigree rather than count the fall and when Bulldog covered Triple H, The Rock famously told the English star “It doesn’t matter if The Rock counts to three!”

With both men angered by The Rock, they both attempted to attack but The Great One foiled both men. After The Rock sent Triple H crashing to the outside he delivered what he now calls the “smoothest” People’s Elbow of all time to the chest of the British Bulldog.

Taking to social media, the WWE icon reflected on the move and revealed one interesting detail that could have cost him a lot of money:

“Smoothest People’s Elbow EVER. But what was even smoother was my merchandise manager telling me before the match, “Rock these are prototype glasses that were very expensive to make. We have only ONE PAIR so PLEASE don’t throw them out to the crowd tonight” #peopleschamp”