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The Rock Says He “Pile Drived A Kid In Elementary” To Protect The Business

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has confirmed that he would beat-up children in school when they orated their belief that professional wrestling was fake.

During episode two of his hit comedy drama Young Rock, a teenage ‘Great One’ as portrayed by Bradley Constant was seen knocking out a fellow student when said pupil called the wrestling industry fake.

While the series is meant to be true to the life and upbringing of ‘The People’s Champion’ in and around the grappling industry, one fan didn’t quite know whether to believe the incident that had played out on screen and took to social media in order to question the former WWE Champion about the legitimacy of the incident.

In somewhat of a surprise, The Rock replied to the question to confirm that what occurred on screen actually occurred even though in hindsight he knew it was wrong:

“Hi Jack, yup it sure did happen. Twice. I pile drived a kid in elementary. KO’d a kid in high school. Got suspended both times. I was wrong. But back in the 80s I was taught by my dad and all the wrestlers to always “protect the business”. It’s what we we did.”

Young Rock has been a smash hit with audiences everywhere and since its launch on February 16 has become NBC’s ‘Best Comedy Launch’ since 2017.

Dwayne Johnson will next be seen on the big screen in Disney’s Jungle Cruise, Red Notice and as a cameo and co-producer of the live action Tom and Jerry remake.