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The Rock Says He Does Not Own Stan, The 66 Million Year Old Dinosaur

The Rock

WWE icon and Hollywood megastar The Rock has commented on the rumours of him being the mystery buyer of a T-Rex skeleton named Stan.

The Rock recently appeared on Manningcast during coverage of NFL’s Monday Night Football. As John Cena fans will attest, The Great One appeared by his preferred means of “via satellite” meaning that viewers got a glimpse into the lifestyle of the former WWE Champion.

Beside strategically placed bottles of Teremana tequila and an XFL emblazoned football – both brands owned by The Rock – was a rather striking tyrannosaurus rex skull.

This prompted many viewers online to speculate that The Rock was infact the mystery buyer of Stan – the fifth most complete t-rex fossil ever found. Stan was uncovered in the Hell Creek formation in South Dakota in 1987 and since his excavation had been on display in the Black Hills Institute’s Hall of Dinosaurs.

In October 2020, Stan was sold to an anonymous bidder for a staggering $31.8 million. But now The Rock says on social media that he wasn’t the one that bought Stan, and his own t-rex skull is a replica of the original.

The Rock is not the only wrestling personality to be enamoured with Stan T. Rex, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon also has a replica of the dinosaur hanging on his office wall in Stamford, CT. The skull was a gift from McMahon’s son-in-law Triple H and McMahon once noted on social media that Stan was symbolic of his “voracious appetite for life.”