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The Rock Responds To Viral Lookalike Photo

The Rock

The Rock has promised to share a drink with a lookalike after a photo of an Alabama police officer went viral.

A Morgan County Patrol Lieutenant has gone viral for his incredible resemblance to The People’s Champion The Rock. The photo of Eric Fields began to do the rounds after the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook about a fan who drove to “meet our Deputy that people say looks like “The Rock”.

The image was later shared in a TikTok video and quickly and quickly passed 1.5 million views.

Speaking to AL.com, Patrol Lieutenant Fields said this his likeness to The Rock had been a “running joke” for a long time, adding that he had been called “The Rock and Vin Diesel’s love child.” The officer takes the jokes in his stride saying that it’s flattering and humorous.

Fields has good reason to be flattered as the photo has now caught the attention of The Great One himself. Posting on Twitter, the WWE legend promised to share a drink with his new-found lookalike.

The photo isn’t the only lookalike post to go viral in recent weeks after a photo of “the black John Cena” also hit the headlines.

Posting on Instagram, John Cena shared a photo of Brendan Cobbina, who has been dubbed the ‘Black John Cena’ by fans online.

The bodybuilder recently shared a photo of himself on Twitter which quickly went viral across social media.

It was recently reported that The Rock could be about to follow Cena’s lead and head back to WWE at Survivor Series. While the former World Champion has remained coy about the speculation, Cena was recently asked about a potential comeback for The Great One.

Cena said that as a fan he would love to see The Rock return to WWE, but says that he has earned the right to choose if and when he comes back.