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The Rock Responds To Kevin Owens’ “Flex Kavana” Reference

The Rock

Appearing on the most recent episode of Talking Smack, Kevin Owens made a startling confession. He did it for The Rock.

On the August 13th edition of SmackDown, a beleaguered Baron Corbin came to the ring to ask for the crowd for money. The former ‘King’ explained that his downward spiral had reached a new low and he was facing bankruptcy.

At this, Kevin Owens joined Corbin to give the downtrodden Superstar some tough love. Owens said that Corbin needed to stop begging for money and try and take responsibility to change his situation. The former World Champion then challenged Corbin to a match saying that he would give his rival $1000 if he won, but if Owens won, Corbin had to stop begging.

After a short match, Owens overcame Corbin with a Sunset Flip, rather than his usual Stunner. Speaking on Talking Smack, KO explained that the Sunset Flip was a tribute to The Rock, or rather, Flex Kavana.

Owens revealed that his tribute had it’s roots in 2014, when The Great One congratulated him on signing with WWE.

“You know what’s funny is that actually, it felt special tonight for a funny reason. So I signed with WWE in July of 2014 and they announced it to the world on wwe.com, that’s a website, on August 12, 2014. So it’s almost seven years ago to the day… So, what makes me proud is — so the day they announced my signing, it was surreal. So many WWE legends, like I’m talking Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, just to name those guys, commented on me signing, which was huge for me. Just the independent wrestler who just, you know, his dream came true. I got announced that I signed a contract with WWE and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, you might know him, he’s done movies, he said, welcome to The Club, something like that.”

“I know this because people were tweeting at me this week like, ‘hey seven years to that day The Rock tweeted this when you signed your contract,’ whatever. He said, you know, ‘have fun, enjoy the ride,’ and one of the hashtags he used was something about sunset flips. Because as Flex Kavana, which was his name before. So as Flex Kavana, which was his name in developmental, which is a term for the smart fans out there. When you first, when you go to WWE first but they don’t want to put you on TV right away because you need to work out the kinks, you’re in developmental. So Flex Kavana was his name and his finishing move used to be the sunset flip. What did I use tonight to beat Baron Corbin? It all came together… It was a great time.”

The Rock later took to social media to react to the comments, saying that “Flex Kavana f**king loves it.”

While The Rock is currently starring at the box office alongside Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise, it was recently reported that he may be heading back to WWE.

The report stated that the People’s Champion could be in line to return at Survivor Series later this year.

Should The Rock appear it would mark 25 years since he debuted at the event as Rocky Maivia in 1996. On that occasion, he emerged as the sole survivor on his team whilst also becoming WWE’s first-ever third generation Superstar.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.