The Rock Recalls Fond Memories Of “Smashing Beer” With Steve Austin

Stone Cold vs The Rock

The Rock has taken to Twitter to share his fondness of sharing beers in the ring with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’ responded to a tweet from the 90s WWE Twitter account, which posted a picture of the two stars together. He would respond by opining on the ‘brilliant times’ – noting how they were ‘less scripted’.

‘Stone Cold’ and the ‘Brahma Bull’ have shared many a ring together, both as opponents and team-mates. Most notable was their main event at WrestleMania X-Seven, with Steve Austin winning out on that occasion. Although the two have not faced off for a while, Steve Austin did have some choice comments for his long-time rival back in January.

“Man, if you’re asking me, it’s gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin cause I would walk in there, stomp a mudhole in his ass and walk it dry. See, Rock’s been out there making all these movies. He’s the number one movie star in the world and I know he’s been in the gym, but man I’m still pretty hard. I’m still pretty salty.”

Since leaving the squared circle behind, The Rock has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood and is currently part of the new comedy series Young Rock. You can learn more about the wrestlers involved in this re-telling of ‘Rocky’s life here. Steve Austin has spent his retirement from wrestling by hosting the ‘Broken Skull Challenge’ game show, hosting his ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ podcast – on the WWE Network – and marketing his ‘Broken Skull IPA‘.