The Rock Pays Tribute To Scott Hall

Scott Hall & The Rock

The Rock has paid his own personal tribute to the late, great Bad Guy, Scott Hall.

On March 14th, Scott Hall sadly passed away. The star had previously been in hospital after breaking his hip, but complications and three heart attacks left him on life support.

As Monday Night Raw went live, the show opened with a graphic paying homage to Hall, breaking the news that he had passed away.

Throughout the show, and on social media, tributes poured in to the man who made being the bad guy, look so very cool.

Posting on social media, Hollywood megastar and WWE legend, The Rock paid his own tribute. The two men worked together back in early 2002 after Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan returned to WWE. During this period, Hall and The Rock met on SmackDown, as The Great One made his way to WrestleMania for his iconic showdown with Hogan.

Alongside a clip of the match, The Rock praised Hall as “extraordinarily talented,” fondly recalling a conversation between the pair backstage.

Pro wrestling just lost a legend in Scott Hall.

Scott came from an era of pro wrestling where wrestlers were the biggest and toughest men on the planet.

Scott was a big man who was athletically gifted. Tough as hell. And inside that ring he was an extraordinarily talented and intense athlete.

Before my match here with Scott, I made sure to tell him how much his in ring work influenced me. When I was a rookie in wrestling, I would study Scott’s matches. His style, intensity, crispness and his excellent in ring IQ and psychology 🧠 I studied his matches, frame by frame.

He was shocked to hear this from me. We came up in different eras. He knew I was a student of the game, but had no idea he was one of the ones I studied.

He thought that was so cool and we went out there that night and lit it the fuck up inside that ring 🔥

It was my honor, brother.

And “thank you for the house” 🙏🏾

Go rest high.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart also recently paid his own tribute to Hall, commenting that while they weren’t close in recent years, he had many happy memories with the Bad Guy.