The Rock Makes WWE Fan Cry In Heartwarming Video

The Rock

Like the characters he often plays, The Rock is a superhero for many, as shown when he made a grown man break down in tears.

The importance of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson goes unrivalled for many.

The WWE Superstar-turned-actor has a dedicated following that has been behind him throughout every step of his career, be it in WWE or on the big screen. His aura is like nothing else, which is perhaps what made this fan break down into tears upon meeting his hero during a Black Adam promotional tour.

In footage posted to The Rock’s Instagram page, ‘The Brahma Bull’ can be seen signing a replica WWE Championship for the fan, who continuously thanked him. The Rock captured the emotional magnitude of the moment on the fan in his caption:

“An emotional night. Lots of tears of joy. Even my cold, dark soul gets a little emotional when I see people start to break and cry. It’s a beautiful thing. THANK YOU, MEXICO. I love you back.”

Black Adam, which sees The Rock portray the titular character, is scheduled for release on 21 October in the United States. It had previously hit theatres in Mexico on 3 October.

There’s no word on when WWE fans can next expect to see one of the Attitude Era’s stalwarts, who last appeared in-person for WWE in 2019 when Friday Night SmackDown moved to Fox. He’s heavily rumoured to be facing his cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, though whether this actually occurs remains to be seen.