The Rock Lists The Injuries That He’s Sustained During His Athletic Career

The Rock Thumb

The Rock might have a reputation as the ‘hardest worker in the room’ but even the ‘Most Electrifying Man In Sports And Entertainment’ needs some downtime.

In an Instagram post which sees the Great One face down, with needles into his back, he stressed the importance of healing and recovery, before reeling off the substantial list of injuries that he has sustained throughout his career.

4 knee surgeries
Torn quadricep off my pelvis
Torn adductor off my pelvis
Triple hernia surgery
Ruptured Achilles’ tendon
Completely shoulder reconstruction
3 low back disc herniations
2 low back disc ruptures

While The Rock’s involvement in WWE has been reduced to a series of sporadic appearances for a number of years, his last real feud inside the ring did in fact end with a severe injury. After defeating John Cena at WrestleMania 28 in a match carrying the now somewhat infamous tagline ‘Once In A Lifetime’ the pair went toe to toe one more time the following year. The bout failed to hit the heights of their previous encounter and it was later revealed that The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson had torn both abdominal and adductor tendons from his pelvis.

More recently the TV series ‘Young Rock’ has arrived on NBC hilariously charting the early years of the ‘People’s Champion.’ During the second episode of the hit comedy drama The Rock is seen knocking out a classmate for suggesting that wrestling was fake. Johnson would later confirm the incident as true, revealing he once gave a kid a pliedriver to “protect the business.”

It was also recently announced that The Rock will receive the Trailblazer Award, on Friday March 5th at the 4th Annual HCA Film Awards Ceremony.