“The Rock Is The Hardest Working Person In The World, Chris Jericho Is Second” – DDP [Exclusive]

Chris Jericho & The Rock

Chris Jericho is one of the hardest working human beings in the world, second only to The Rock, according to WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page.

Speaking with ITRWrestling.com in an exclusive interview, DDP opened up about the success of AEW’s inaugural World Champion, attributing Jericho’s success to three things.

“Creativity, talent, and work ethic.”

Jericho recently celebrated 30 years in the wrestling industry on AEW Dynamite, with several wrestlers, rockstars and celebrities – including DDP – congratulating the legendary wrestlers on the milestone. Expanding on the Jericho’s work ethic, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Page would discuss why Jericho is second only to the Great One.

“I put The Rock as the hardest working human being in the world, because he’s working on so many things.

“Number two, I’d put Chris Jericho. Wrestler, rockstar, podcast icon – he’s in the top echelon of that – gameshow host, actor. I mean, what the f*** doesn’t he do?”

Diamond Dallas Page would go on to discuss how the Demo God is also a master of reinvention, and even compare Jericho to Madonna and William Shatner!

“He’s constantly recreating himself. Constantly. I love the dude. It’s like, “What’s he going to do next?” And at some point, I’m sure he may change again, but I’m sure he’s got a really long run in what he’s doing right now. I think that this might be his last one, but you can’t say that. Because, right when you get comfortable with who he’s being… [DDP snaps fingers] ..he’s gonna change. Mainly because he doesn’t want to get stale, ever. If you look at people like Madonna, William Shatner, people who are constantly recreating themselves. Diamond Dallas Page. Always recreating myself.”

DDP would go on to say how “mind-boggling” it is how many times Jericho has successfully managed to reinvent himself.

“As a wrestler, he’s done it so many times it’s mind-boggling, because he’s been successful time after time after time. I love the guy. I think he’s amazing.”

You can read ITRWrestling’s entire interview with Diamond Dallas Page here, or watch WWE Hall of Famer DDP speak about Chris Jericho’s constant reinvention of himself to via Inside The Ropes’ YouTube channel below.