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The New Day Unveiled As DLC Characters In Gears Of War 5

Graphic for New Day's reveal as Gears of War 5 DLC characters

The New Day have been announced as playable DLC characters in Gears of War 5 and will be available to play in the near future!

Xavier Woods unveiled on Twitter that he, Kofi Kingston and Big E would all be coming to the fifth game in the Microsoft-exclusive franchise as playable DLC characters soon:

After playing @GearsOfWar for years (& reading the books 😳) I’m happy to announce that myself @TrueKofi & @WWEBigE somehow convinced them make us playable dlc characters in #Gears5 @Xbox

If you thought getting popped by gnashers got on your nerves, wait until its us doing it 🤣

Alongside the tweet were two promotional photos, one showing the trio’s in-game models posing together and another of Woods’ model by himself. In the trio photo, the three are decked out in COG armour stylised in typical New Day colours with Kofi and Big E holding dual shotguns whilst Xavier has dual pistols.

The New Day are not the first WWE-related characters to appear in Gears of War 5, the honour of which belongs to Dave Bautista. Bautista was originally added to the game as a multiplayer skin for Marcus Fenix as part of a cross-promotion with WWE for Clash of Champions in September 2019.

However, alongside the game’s most recent update for the Xbox Series X and S, Bautista is now also playable in the campaign! Players can now choose to play as ‘The Animal’ instead of Marcus Fenix, complete with entirely new voice acting from Bautista himself.

No release date has been announced for The New Day DLC in Gears of War 5, though it can be speculated from the polish of the models that it won’t be long before you can get your hands on New Day in-game.

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